Evolving the Human Race Game

What if your human nature was more than you think it is?
What is the mirror effect, and how does it help you to evolve the human race game?
How do you know if you are being a conscious creator in your world?

Evolving the Human Race Game: A Spiritual and Soul-Centered Perspective provides a spiritual framework for evolving one’s consciousness as it relates to what author Carroy Ferguson calls the “human race game.” Beyond family members, most of us wonder why different and/or specific people from our own and other racial and ethnic groups enter into our lives. Ferguson explains how and why this happens through what he calls the “mirror effect.” He also introduces readers to various human and interracial games we play; how to transform those human race games that keep us stuck, individually and collectively, in unhealthy realities; and how to evolve our consciousness in such a way that we become conscious creators in our individual and collective soul-linked dramas.


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